Brass Recycling

Brass Recycling

From doorknobs, to plumbing fixtures, to electrical appliances, to musical instruments, and much more, brass is one of the most common items found in both home and industrial applications. It is important to know that once you have no use for your brass items, you can properly dispose of them through recycling. By recycling your brass items rather than just sending them to the local landfill, you play a major role in conserving the environment and clearing up space for more meaningful uses of this substantial alloy.

At Midwest PGM Recycling Center, we offer brass recycling services to homeowners and businesses in and around the Cedar Lake, Indiana area. Please do not hesitate to contact us today at (219) 374-8700 for all of your brass recycling needs!

Scrap Metal Recycling

What is Brass?

Brass is a generic term used to describe a broad variety of copper and zinc alloys — the difference in the percentage of zinc and copper is why there is yellow brass (usually called gold brass) and red brass (sometimes known as rose brass or cast bronze).

In addition to copper and zinc, manufacturers may add other chemical elements in the brass to achieve the desired characteristics for a specific application. For example, lead is often added to the brass at a concentration of around 2% to improve its machinability, making it much easier to cut and shape.

The History of Brass

Early production of brass — as we know it today — was severely limited, as the higher temperature required to melt zinc (788°F) could not be achieved by the standard heating methods of the time. In the absence of native zinc, manufacturers had to use other techniques to produce brass, such as mixing calamine (zinc oxide and 0.5 ferric oxide) with copper and heating the mixture in a crucible. Other brass production methods eventually replaced this practice as new technological advances continued to streamline the brass manufacturing processes.

From decorative to functional, brass has a long list of applications in the modern age. Today, brass is often used for decorative purposes because of its distinctive color that emulates gold. Thanks to its remarkable thermal conductive and corrosion-resistant properties, brass is also commonly used to make pipes and tubes, weather-stripping, and other architectural trim pieces, screws, radiators, musical instruments, and cartridge casings for firearm ammunition.
Considering its usefulness, many manufacturing companies are seeking as many sources as possible for this important alloy. Instead of having to mine new materials to produce new brass for their items, brass recycling can be done to ensure a ready supply that meets their production needs.

Midwest PGM Recycles All Types of Brass

At Midwest PGM Recycling Center, we purchase all types of scrap metal for the purpose of recycling in order to prevent them from entering landfills, which continues to be a growing concern for all communities. You can visit our recycling center in Northwest Indiana and drop off your brass recyclables today in exchange for a high pay out.

In addition to recycling all types of brass, our services also include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper recycling. As always, you can feel free to bring all your other recyclables to our facility — just make sure they are all sorted and separate from each other to receive the full value of your metal scraps.

To learn more about our recycling services, call us at (219) 374-8700. Or you can fill out an online form through our website and one of our representatives will get in touch with you as quickly as possible. You can also visit our recycling facility at 13513 Industrial Drive, Cedar Lake, IN 46303.