Steel Recycling

Steel Recycling

Steel is a ferrous metal that is undoubtedly one of the most recycled materials around the world. In fact, it can be salvaged over and over again without losing its inherent strength. Each year, more steel by weight is recycled in the United States than aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic combined. In particular, stainless steel (with high chromium content) is the most commonly recycled material.

Why Should You Recycle Steel?

Steel resources are finite on earth. Therefore, recycling is an important activity for both manufacturers and consumers to avert landfill concerns and to avoid the need to mine new materials. Failing to recycle metals can have a harmful impact on the economy as well. Here are some of the main reasons to consider recycling steel:

It Conserves Energy

When steel is recycled, less energy is utilizedin refining, purifying, and reshaping the metal. This is due to the fact that new materials don’t have to be mined from the ground. In a sense, recycling facilities are like mines above the ground, except they don’t require mass amounts of dirt, debris, and materialsto be transportedaway from mines. This results in fewer fossil fuels being consumed, whichis good on the environment.

Steel Recycling Is Sustainable

Mining companies cannot continue digging up elements forever to make new steel. The resources are limited and non-renewable. Thus, metal recycling is essentialin order for manufacturers to meet increasing production demands. Once the steel is produced, it can be recycled repeatedly with no downgrade in quality whatsoever. In fact, many steel mills make use of only scrap steel to create new products, as steel is an eco-friendly materialthat is endlessly recyclable.

It Preserves Other Natural Resources

To create new steel, it requires the use of iron ore, limestone, coal, water, timber, and a lot of other minerals and materials that are found in the earth. However, these resources won’t last forever, and their scarcity will keep growing as the population and demands increase. Recycling is the perfect solution to this issue, as it’s a proven way to preserve these precious natural resources.

It Helps Create Jobs

Aside from environmental concerns, scrap metal recycling is also responsible for the creation ofthousands of companies, with over a million employees who would otherwise be out of jobs. Many businesses also rely on recycled steel to meet the persistent demand for the material. Plus, companies that use recycledmaterials to produce goods today often have a better image, as “going green” continues to increase in popularity.

Looking for More Information About Steel Recycling? We Can Help!

Unlike a few other metals, steel doesn’t need to be sorted by color or size. It’s easily recyclable. Besides, the more steel that gets recycled, the less space it will take up in landfills. This means that we’llbenefit from havinga cleaner environment, fewer health concerns, and less depletion of natural resources. Your efforts to recycle may seem small, but they can actually go a long way in preserving the planet. Plus, you can make some extra money by scrapping your junk materials.

So, if you have scrap steel that’s ready for recycling, we are here to help! If you are located in or around Cedar Lake, Indiana, Midwest PGM Recycling Center can assist with your scrap metal recycling needs — especially if it’s steel.

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