Copper Recycling

Copper Recycling

Have you ever thought about what happens to your trash once you throw it away? It most likely ends up at landfill sites where it will either be burnt or buried in the ground. Unfortunately, the world is running short on space for all ofthis non-recyclable waste.

However, this is not the case for copper. This non-ferrous metal has, in fact, been recycled for ages. In the United States alone, as much copper is recycled as is mined every year. Nearly 75% of all new copper items that are produced (excluding wires) come from scrap copper that is recycled in the US.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Where Does Copper Come From?

Copper can be found in various parts of the world. Some of the largest mines (in no particular order) in the North America are located in Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Mexico. Chile and Peru in South America are the two biggest producers of copper around the globe. Some minor production comes from Idaho and Missouri as well.

Why Should You Recycle Copper?

Unused copper products should be recycled for the following reasons:

High Energy Savings

Extracting copper ore from the earth requires a significant amount of energy, which leads to increased greenhouse gas emissions. On the flip side, recycling copper requires much less energy, leading to significant savings of oil, gas, coal, and other natural resources.

Reduces the Need for Landfills

Products that aren’t recycled often end up getting dumped in landfills. However, landfillsare becoming less and less viable as a waste disposal option.Recycling, on the other hand, helps save the land from becoming polluted by waste. Plus, all that valuable scrapmetal can be reused to make new copper products.

Copper Ore Conservation

Since copper is a non-renewable resource, recycling helps conserve our copper supply. It is 100% recyclable without any degradation or negative effects. Recycling not only reduces the need for mining new copper,but ithelps preserve the earth’s natural ecosystems!

Less Mining Waste and Pollution

When new copper is mined, it produces a significant amount of waste that pollutes the air. While miners do take steps to try tolimit this, the recycling process rarely contributes to any emissions that pollute the environment. Copper alloys release beryllium fumes upon melting, which poses a serious health hazard — especially in its gaseous form. Recycling, on the other hand, averts this risk to a great extent. Besides, the more copper that is recycled, the less it will need to be extracted from the earth.

Economic Benefits

In addition to having a positive environmental impact, copper recycling is also much more affordable than mining for new copper. Plus, the recycling industry accounts for over one million jobs in the United States alone.

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Considering how effectively copper can be recycled, why burden the planet by mining for new copper? If you would like to contribute to making the planet more sustainable, get in touch with Midwest PGM Recycling Center today.

We are one the most trusted recycling companies in Northwest Indiana. We purchase scrap metals that you no longer needand pay top dollar in exchange for them. If you have any scrap metal lying around that you’reconsidering throwing away,you can drop them off at our facility instead.Not only will you receive compensation for the materials, but you can rest assured that the metals will be responsibly recycled.

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